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Full Version: Legends of Callasia Downloads
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Legends of Callasia Avatars

[Image: LOC_Zalaman_thumb.jpg]
Zalaman - full size

[Image: LOC_Krysbur_thumb.jpg]
Krysbur - full size

[Image: LOC_Megara_thumb.jpg]
Megera - full size

[Image: LOC_Rana_thumb.jpg]
Rana - full size

[Image: LOC_Moko_thumb.jpg]
Moko - full size

[Image: LOC_Hel_thumb.jpg]
Hel - full size

[Image: LOC_Ulmar_thumb.jpg]
Ul'mar - full size

[Image: LOC_Anette_thumb.jpg]
Anette - full size

[Image: LOC_Dalgar_thumb.jpg]
Dalgar - full size

[Image: LOC_Ter_thumb.jpg]
Ter - full size

[Image: LOC_Bancara_thumb.jpg]
Bancara - full size

[Image: LOC_Tara_thumb.jpg]
Tara - full size
Legends of Callasia Banners

[Image: LOC_1200x240_preview.png]
Size: 1200 x 240

[Image: LOC_400x300_preview.jpg]
Size: 400 x 300

[Image: LOC_512x512_preview.jpg]
Size: 512 x 512

[Image: LOC_530x200.jpg]
Size: 530 x 200

[Image: LOC_851x315_preview.jpg]
Size: 851 x 315

[Image: LOC_950x150_preview.jpg]
Size: 950 x 150
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