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Reviews and Feedback on Super Awesome Quest
08-20-2015, 04:45 PM
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RE: Reviews and Feedback on Super Awesome Quest
Very cool feedback, thanks.

-> the levels being grinded too high for subsequent characters to survive; yeah, it's an old issue. We're fixing it (not for the update that's in apple's queue, but for the next one) by letting you get XP from playing in the dungeon.

-> - The tile that causes damage based on uncovered tiles on the board becomes useless very early on; we'll check out the balancing in that one, thanks! It might be that we need version 1/2/3/4 of it, similar to the basic attacks, to keep it valid as you level up

-> bomb tiles: yeah, they're supposed to be a hindrance, not so much a help Smile The fact that you're just ignoring them means there's probably too little damage assigned

-> pet crafting; good feedback, we'll see how we can clean that up (for example hiding pets you don't have access to you).


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