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Pillage People FAQ
08-09-2014, 02:25 AM
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Pillage People FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Pillage People?
Pillage People is an online real-time strategy game designed for mobile devices where you build a city, pillage your foes and fight for your chosen race: Humans, Elves or Goblins. It will be available on iPad, iPhone/iPod Touch and Android devices.

Where do I download the game? How much is it?
Pillage People will be officially available on iTunes and Google Play on September 2014. Currently, it is available in selected territories on iPad, iPhone/iPod Touch, and Android. It is completely free-to-play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money.

Do I need to sign up for an account?
Yes, you need to have an Apple account in order to download apps from iTunes, or a Google account to use Google Play. After installing the game, you can also connect to your Facebook account.

How do I install the game?
Using your device, just click on 'Play Now' in the Boomzap website or type 'Pillage People' in the iTunes or Google Play search bar to go to the download page. Select 'Install' to start downloading the game. Once installation is complete, just tap on the Pillage People icon to start playing.

Do I need to be connected to the internet to play?
Yes, you need an internet connection to be able to play Pillage People.

My game won't load? What should I do?
If Pillage People crashes while playing or will not fully load, please perform the following steps.

Devices running iOS5.x or iOS6.x:
  1. Double tap on the home-button so that a row of icons (open apps) appear at the bottom.
  2. Tap and hold any of the icons until they all start to wiggle and get a red dot with a white stripe in the upper left corner.
  3. Tap on all red dots on all icons to quit the apps running in the background (including Pillage People).
  4. Double tap on your home-button again.
  5. Reboot your device.
  6. Launch Pillage People and try again.

Devices running iOS7.x and above:
  1. Double tap the home-button on your device.
  2. Swipe all application previews upwards until there is none left.
  3. Reboot your device.
  4. Launch Pillage People and try again.

Devices running Android 4.0 and above
  1. Tap the “Recently Used Apps Button”. A menu will appear with a list of your recently-used apps.
  2. Close active applications (including Pillage People) by tapping on an app and swiping it either to the left or right side.
  3. Depending on the number of your running apps, you may also want to consider closing some of them to free up some memory space.
  4. Re-launch Pillage People.

Devices running older versions of Android (2.2 - 3.x)
  1. Tap your Device’s menu button. You should do this from the device’s Home screen. Select SETTINGS from the menu that opens. Alternatively, you can select Settings from your list of apps in your Apps Drawer.
  2. Select “Applications” from the list. Tap “Manage Applications” from the Applications submenu.
  3. Tap the “Running Tab”. This will open a list of apps that are currently open. Select Pillage People.
  4. From the status window that opens, select “End Process” / “Stop”. You may be warned that it will crash the application.
  5. Depending on the number of your running apps, you may also want to consider closing some of them to free up some memory space.
  6. Re-launch Pillage People.

If this doesn't work make sure you have the latest version of iOS or Android installed on your device! Also try to disable your WiFi and use 3G instead. If your device doesn't have 3G, please try to use another WiFi hotspot and see if it works. Some WiFi hotspots have very strict firewall settings on, which causes problems with games and apps which need the internet in order to work. If your game is still crashing or not loading, please contact our support team via the in-game Support button or email at

Can I continue my game on a new device?
Yes you can continue your game on another iOS device. Remember that the only way to transfer your account to a new iOS device is to have it linked to your Facebook account. Launch Pillage People on your new device and the game will ask if you want to load your Town on the new iOS device!.

I can't install Pillage People.
Please check that you are connected to the internet. Also check that you have enough space on your device for Pillage People. You need at least 400mb in order to install the game. If you have less than 400mb available, please delete old or unused applications, music files, photos, etc. before attempting to install Pillage People.

Can I reset the game and start again from the beginning?
Currently it's not possible to restart your game. However, you can start a new game on any device that doesn't have a previous game of Pillage People on it.

How do I uninstall or re-install the game? Will I lose my previous progress?
Using your iOS device
  1. Look for Pillage People on your home screen
  2. Tap and hold the app icon
  3. Delete by selecting the 'X' icon

Using your Android device’s Settings menu
  1. Visit your device’s Settings menu > Apps or Application Manager
  2. Select Pillage People
  3. Tap Uninstall.

Using the Google Play Store app
  • Open the Google Play Store app.
  • Tap the Play Store icon > My Apps.
  • Search for Pillage People on the Installed tab, then select Uninstall on the app’s detail page.
To re-install the game, just follow the instructions for installing the game. If Pillage People was previously installed, once you ran the game, it will load the last saved game progress.

Can I play multiple accounts on a single device?
Pillage People supports only one account per device.

I have just purchased gems but they never came through. What can I do?
While most of the transactions go smoothly, sometimes Apple, Google or our servers might be slower than usual or experience an error. Please wait and see if the purchased gems come through. If they don't, try restarting the game. Your gems should be credited to you. If all else fails, please contact our customer support via the in-game support button and they'll get back to you as soon as possible!

I am unable to buy gems on my Android device. Why is there is no option in the game?
If the gem icons in your in-game shop are greyed out, tap the icon for information about what might have gone wrong. You may need to:
Check that you are logged in with a valid Google account, or Update your Play Store application by opening and updating it.

Please visit for further information about Google Play and purchases on Android devices. If this doesn't help, please contact us via the the in-game Support button or go to Boomzap support.

Where can I suggest new features and upgrades?
The best place to post suggestions on how we can improve your Pillage People experience is here at our forums.

I think I have a bug/glitch in my game. How do I report it?
To report a bug, you can visit our Support page and email us at, or register at our forums to post on the Technical Issues thread or contact a moderator. Remember to explain the problem in detail and include your device type, game version and iOS/Android version. In some cases, Boomzap will request for your player information. You can also check the other posts to see if the bug has already been reported.

The moderators said they already fixed the glitch, but I still see it!
Some bug fixes are installed during game updates or during maintenance breaks. Make sure you are using the latest version of the game, or wait for the upcoming release.

What is a maintenance break and why does Pillage People have them?
Maintenance breaks usually mean they need to update servers, address a minor bug, support new content or improve the general quality of gameplay! Maintenance breaks are a pretty regular thing for server-based games like Pillage People and generally last 15 minutes to 4 hours! They always will post on Twitter, Facebook and here at the forum with as much advance notice as possible!

I lost my device and/or my game. What can i do?
Unfortunately, if your town was not linked to Facebook, you will have to contact Boomzap support. Recovery may or may not be possible and support queues are long. If you did have your game linked to Facebook, then simply install and open up Pillage People. It should prompt you to load your old town.
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08-09-2014, 02:27 AM
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RE: Pillage People FAQ
How to Play

How do I begin the game?
Upon opening the game for the first time, you’ll be given an option to choose a race. Once you select your preferred race, you’ll play through the tutorial to briefly explain to you the basics of the game. After completion of the tutorial, your 3 days shield will activate.

What race should I choose?
Each race had abilities different from the other, choose one that would benefit your style of play.
  • The Human race is ground heavy and has high HP. They are the only race to have successfully trained their dragons for combat and town defense.
  • The Elves are a race with the advantage of magic and flying units. Unlike other races, they get flying units earlier.
  • The Goblins gets their strength and advantage from their sheer number of units.
What is the Shield and how does it work?
The Shield prevents other players from attacking your town. Shields last until their time runs out or you attack another player. When your town is destroyed by an enemy attack, you get a new shield for a certain number of hours. You can also purchase one day, two day and seven day shields from the shop with gems.

Can I change my town's name?
You can change your town’s name to a max of 10 alphanumeric characters.You can do so multiple times.

How do I join or create a guild?
All you need is 40,000 Gold to start your own guild.

How do I invite players to join my guild?
You can only invite your friends to join your guild. Other players can simply search for your guild’s name so that they can ask to join.

How do I upgrade my buildings?
You can upgrade your buildings by tapping on them and choosing the "Upgrade" button. Upgrading your Keep | Citadel | Fortress unlocks new buildings and new upgrades for your existing buildings! Gold Mines and Food structures will not gather resources while being upgraded. Similarly, defensive weapons will not participate in battles while upgrading.

I saw a Mercenary hut on the map, what is it for?
Once you upgrade your Keep | Citadel | Fortress to level 3, you’ll be able to unlock the Mercenary hut. In here, you can recruit different units from other races and use them to attack other players.

There’s a Shrine of Knowledge that needs to be repaired. Why should I repair it?
You’ll need the Shrine of Knowledge to unlock the other two races.
Once the 2nd race is unlocked, you can also use the Shrine of Knowledge to transfer resources from your main town to help boost the development of your other town/s.

Can I donate resources to my guild mates?
You can only donate resources to your own towns. Donation is possible once you’ve repaired the Shrine of Knowledge and unlock another race. All you can give out to your guild mates are Troops.

What are the campaign maps?
These are a series of maps which you can play with to gather resources without the possibility of losing medals. At the last map of the series, you’ll need to defeat the Dark Lord’s base to advance to the next campaign.

What are medals?
Medals are used to determine your ranking among other players, it also represents how well you’ve done in multiplayer battle.
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