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Thanks BZ for the many days of ARTAD game play
05-27-2015, 07:11 AM
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Thanks BZ for the many days of ARTAD game play
With the announcement of no more updates, I want to say that the devs have supported ARTAD for a long time as far as games go and kept the quality wonderful. Moving on is a result of their success and I say thanks and good for them.
This is still a beautiful game and worth a daily visit to remember what a well crafted game really looks and works like. I'm still working to get up to level 100 and have plenty trophies waiting for me in the minigames because I didn't join the game until it was out for over a year. I would recommend both AK and ARTAD to anyone as they stand now, even without further updates.
The buildings are all turned into animals; haven't tried the Olde Village or Pirate versions yet.
Somewhere in the future there will be some way for PC and Apple products, as well as any other platforms that are out there, to play the same programs. In the mean time, gotta keep moving forward in the fast changing world of tech.
So, Monika and all at Boomzap, thanks for Awakening Kingdoms and Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' and all the best to you,
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05-29-2015, 10:35 PM
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RE: Thanks BZ for the many days of ARTAD game play
You are exactly right; it is a wonderful game and has provided me with entertainment for 20 months now. Very sad that is has been abandon with issues that were introduced with the last update and makes it nearly impossible for new players to continue; probably will dump the game before they ever get to the countries.

It is my fondest hope that if BoomZap is no longer willing to support the game they will sell the rights to someone else who will create a new game based on this one.

ART AD has some of the most wonderful art work in it and is a clever game. It is worth playing for anyone that stumbles across it. While it has limitations - the server connection, which seems to be the root of many many problems - losing items from auctions, upgrades, coin and Gold accumulated (all can be minimized by making sure you are connected to the server by throwing a key or accessing the auction before logging off) and lack of direction to what opens the next series of quests in some instances - most that also can be over come by visiting the BF forum and help of other players. The flaws in the game have almost become part of the game (even if unintentional on the developer's part).

What a shame to let something so outstanding die on the vine.
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