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PLEASE AK team please
06-01-2015, 12:15 PM
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PLEASE AK team please
I understand you said you were not going to give us any more updates for AK but based on all the posts regarding it Please consider us players we all love this game
I ask for myself and I believe many others Please consider re-activating your team to Finish the AK story line with some changes to make internet access and cloud a less vital part of the game put the rest of the quests needed to complete the story and offer the whole game to us at a price of 60-70 Dollars for the COMPLETED version of this VERY Wonderful game
I am sure that A lot of gamers will be more then happy to come up with the money just to have this game and know there is an actual completion and can turn around and play over and over once they reach a genuine ending
If you could do this I for one will definitely pay up to 100 just to have a completion to this game HeartHeart
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