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Which army and hero is the best? (Tutorial)
06-18-2016, 12:22 AM
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Star Which army and hero is the best? (Tutorial)
[Image: The_Hundred_Kingdoms.jpg]
Okay, lets start from the beggining. So heroes whose we should take:
Ridley is good hero to start our adventure, because +50% attack when fighting on NEUTRAL territory is the best option to capture the lands that we want. If we fight vs enemies we will get also this bonus, so we use him to fight.
[Image: Robert.png]
Robert is merchant. He starts with 2 balists and 10 man at arms, so its good choice if we want to start building faster, but around us we have small ammount of neutral army. His main plus is fact that building costs 50% less, so we must pay:

- 25 gold for first level of building
- 38 gold for second level of building
- 50 gold for last level of building

[Image: Zalaman.png]
Zalaman isn't very strong, but we should take him, because he is the only one hero in the "humans" who can use wizard cards, also his bonus is good when you prefer to stay in back and counter attack your enemies, when they die ( I recommend to use Ridley to attack Smile ).
BANCARA or SAVIL ( if you have picture of her, post it in pw to me, I can't take picture of her in demo )

Bancara is good but not enough to take her everytime. The only reason to take her are rogue's cards. If you think that you are not using those cards really often, take Savil instead, because her bonus is the best in this game. +50 troop support is really good option, you can hire 4x Ballistas and 8 guards.

Okay, so now it's time to army. In The Hundred Kingdoms the best choice is to take Guards and Ballistas. Guards will tank enemy troops, and your Balists should destroy enemy, because of dealing dame to multiple targets.

You need many towns to play with that strategy but it's worth it, you are just destroying your enemies, even if this is 100 troops vs your 50.
[Image: The_Faeborne.jpg]

The same situation as Ridley. We take him first, because he let us capture the lands really fast.
[Image: Caelee.png]
Finally good Rogue! If we want to attack the enemy really fast we should take her second and attack with Krysbur. If we don't want to fight take her third.
[Image: Rana.png]
Rana is good when we want to play slow. Give her army to Krysbur or Caelee and put her into place with the highest income. Now you have money to hire your army, build something etc.
TER ( if you have picture of him, post it in pw to me, I can't take picture of him in demo )

Take him if you already bought the game. He starts with 3 golems, and his bonus is good at defense. Try to force enemy to fight vs him, if he is fortified. (misdirection card)
In The Faeborne we hire more attackers than protectors. One Golem is enought to protect 2 "Furies".

According to The Hundred Kingdoms, The Faeborne can have more ammount of army, because we need only 1 troop which cost 6 troops support.
[Image: The_Revenant.jpg]
HANNIBAL ( if you have picture of him, post it in pw to me, I can't take picture of him in demo )

Hannibal is good hero to start. He have the same bonus as Ridley and Krysbur, so we use him to fight.
[Image: Dalgar.png]
If you don't have Hannibal, pick him first. Use him and Hannibal to besiege your enemy.
[Image: Tonga.png]
Tonga is very interesting hero. His ability double your income from razed buldings. Use him to raze buildings, and make money. Also he start with nice amount of army, so you can use him to fight vs neutral camps.
Anette is protector. Spawn her last and give her some army, and put on your territory. She should destroy a medium weak army.

Army of The Revenant need more type of troops than others. We need a D. Knights to tank, Aboms to deal melee damage, and Liches to deal missile damage.

Those types of armies, should allow you to win many games. The only downside to this is that we need for this method a lot of time, but it is worth it.

There were 21 images, but I must delete some due to 10 images limit.
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